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Different Types of Pumps & Their Applications

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

Applications of Water Pump

Water pumps are an essential need for gardens, agricultural lands, and fish farms. But, there are various types of water pumps available, and each has its specific applications. This article discusses the four main types of water pumps and each type’s major water pump applications.

Introduction to water pumps

Water pumps are simple machines, and you can use them to control the water level in a certain area. You can use them to drain water from unnecessary holes or to access groundwater. They are used in agricultural farms, fish farms, construction sites, underground networks (subways, metros, roads, pedestrians, etc.), and even residential buildings.

How do they work?

You can use the best water pump system to drain water from a specific area during the rainy season. But, you can also use them to redirect water from a water source (like a pond, lake, or river) to other parts of land (like farms) where it is required.

The main purpose of the water pump is to move water from one place to another. Yet, despite this simple purpose, the strength of the best water pump depends on the motor installed. Smaller motors often supply a lower quantity of water, while larger pumps are suitable for transporting a large quantity of water.

Despite this simple method, the type you choose depends on the water pump application and available water source. Discussed below are four popular best water pumps that are currently available.

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Four types of water pumps

1. Surface pumps

Surface pumps are one of the best motor water pumps for surface water sources. They are usually used to redirect water from a surface source like a pond, riverbed, spring, tanks, etc. The primary criteria when using this pump is that the water source should have a shallow river bed. One cannot use them for oceans or lakes which have deep riverbeds.

Solar-powered surface pumps have gained popularity because they are self-sufficient. They don’t need any energy input from the user, nor are they dependent on the city’s power supply. They usually have a long operating life, usually above ten years. Install electric water pumps for easy access to water!

Surface pump applications

Surface water pump applications usually include domestic sources. They can be used to water on-property gardens or public parks. And to get to drinking water and provide it in public places like parks or hiking trails.

2. Borewell submersible pumps

Borewell submersible pumps are the best motor water pumps if you wish to access groundwater. These pumps are submerged completely in water and are airtight. The motor then uses capillary action to transport the water from one place to another. They are placed in bores dug in the earth where water is accessible. They are then connected to a filtration system.

Solar borewell submersible pumps use solar energy to maintain the speed of the motor and, in turn, the capillary action of the pump. The absorption of solar energy does not affect the water temperature or even the force of the water.

Borewell submersible pumps applications

Borewell submersible pumps are most often used to access water for irrigation, agriculture, and domestic purposes. They can be found in public spaces, residential buildings, and small gardens. The water is usually directed for non-consumption uses like toilets.

3. Open well pumps

Open well pumps are like borewell submersible pumps. They are also designed to be submerged completely in the water. But, unlike borewell pumps used underground, good open pumps are submerged in on-ground water sources. They have a similar working to borewell pumps.

These pumps need a special raised platform for installation to achieve the necessary water force. Furthermore, if they are not installed on a raised platform, sediment and other particles are more likely to transfer through the water.

Open well pump applications

Open well pumps are the best motor water pumps for irrigation, industrial water, and community water. You can use them on small to medium-sized farms to achieve an adequate water supply. You can also use them in small-to-medium-sized factories that have a water source nearby.

4. Self-priming pumps

Self-priming pumps are unique water pumps designed to hold a specific quantity of liquid (in this case, water) inside the pump. This quantity is then used to start the pumping process of the pump. That improves the efficiency of the process, making this type of pump more efficient than others. Yet, this also means that it is more expensive than other type of water pumps.

Since this pump requires a specific quantity of water, it cannot have air bubbles. The existence of air bubbles in this type of pump can cause harm to the pump and decrease its efficiency. But, if this liquid isn’t present, the pump cannot start or continue working.

Self-priming pumps applications

Self priming pumps can be used for about any water pump application. From domestic to industrial buildings, you can install the pump anywhere. These pumps are usually used when the primary criteria for the pump is that it should have the highest efficiency possible. They can also handle much higher loads and requirements than other types of water pumps.


These are the four best motor water pumps available. There are two primary criteria to look at when choosing a pump: the first is the application of the pump, and the second is the brand. The manufacturer makes a significant difference in the quality of the pump. Verifying the brand and model of the water pump should be a key concern.

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