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Top 10 Best Submersible Water Pumps In India

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

Best Submersible Water Pumps In India

India has been a home for numerous water bodies, yet, the water seems to be a deficit sometimes. With increasing population and needs, people resorted to groundwater sources. Today, we can observe a huge utilization of submersible water pumps to draw groundwater, which was scarce in the initial periods due to its price. With the increase in demand for these pumps, many submersible pump manufacturers have emerged. In this article, we will introduce you to companies that provide the best Submersible pumps in India.

What are submersible water pumps?

A submersible pump is a device that has to be submerged into the fluid that has to be pumped out. The device has a hermetically sealed motor attached to it to power the pump and avoids pump cavitation. The submersible pump has water-resistant cables, reducing the distance between the water surface and the pumps. These electrical water pumps are suitable for residential, commercial, municipal, and industrial areas.

Prevalence of submersible water pumps in India

The water for agriculture purposes in India is obtained from the ground through submersible water pumps. The water from these pumps is used for seawater, firefighting, and sewage treatment plants. Earlier, installing these pumps was costly; however, people noticed that the purchase of these pumps was inevitable. Many companies in India have manufactured advanced and some of the best submersible pumps.

Top 10 submersible pumps in India

A submersible water pump lasts up to 15 years; however, finding a pump that fits your requirements and budget is a task. Here is a list of the top 10 submersible pumps in India that is available for online purchase at reasonable rates:

1. Waa Borewell Submersible Solar Pump

Waa Borewell Submersible Solar pump is an excellent choice, with easy maintenance, long operational life, and zero fuel cost. It has a power range of 0.5 HP - 50 HP and a voltage capacity of 180-240 V. It is solar operated and can be used in small gardens, water storage tanks, and residential areas.

2. Kirloskar Submersible Pumps KU4-OF

The Kirloskar Submersible Pumps are popular for their advanced features and application in domestic & industrial water supply. With a power range of up to 5.5 HP and cost-effective power consumption, it is preferred by many manufacturing plants in India.

3. Waa Open Well Electric Pump

Waa Open Well Electric pump is an amazing device for domestic and drinking water supply. This open well pump has a 0.5-1.0 HP motor with B class insulation and a voltage capacity of 200-240V. It rules out the problem of suction & priming and provides noiseless operations.

4. Crompton Borewell Submersible Pumps

Crompton Borewell Submersible Pumps are an affordable choice, with single-phase features and variants in HP sizes to choose the pump that fits your requirement. It has a voltage capacity of 240V and has higher wear resistance.

5. CRI Single Phase Borewell Submersible Pump

CRI Single Phase Borewell Submersible Pump is a leading choice amongst individual homeowners in India. These borewell pumps run at a pace of 2900RPM and have a 1HP limit. It has a copper outer surface and is resistant to rust.

6. V-Guard Neon Open Well Submersible Pump

The V-Guard Open Well Submersible Pump is operational and pocket-friendly. It comes with a 0.5HP motor engine and a durable aluminum body. This submersible water pump is popular for its sturdy build and efficient motor speed.

7. Havells W 2 - Open Well Submersible Pump

Havells Open Well Submersible Pump is a great choice for heavy-duty applications. The pump is cost-effective and has a top-quality build. A 0.5 HP motor and F class insulation is appropriate for small farms, irrigation, artificial fountains, and community water supply.

8. Lubi LHL Horizontal Monoset Open Well Pump

Lubi LHL Open Well Pump is an electric water pump with a power range of 13AH - 10HP and a 3 phase horizontal monoset. This pump offers you a high level of output at a low input level. The 25mm outlet size is sufficient to draw out groundwater.

9. Grundfos Suction Open Well Submersible Pump

Grundfos Open Well pump is a single-phase pump with a 1 HP power range manufactured with copper to enable anti-rust properties. These pumps carry out self-priming, decreasing the consumption of power and providing enough water at the same time.

10. Jindal Oil-filled Borewell Pump

Jindal Oil-filled borewell pump is again a single-phase pump, with 1 HP power range and 80 LPM water supply capacity. It is sought after for its budget-friendly price of Rs. 4000 and its durable structure.

Functioning of a submersible pump

The submersible water pump works on a simple mechanism.

● The primary function of this pump is to convert the rotational energy into kinetic energy with the help of the pressure energy exerted by the existing pump.

● When the water enters the pump, the water is pushed through the diffuser with the impeller rotation.

● The water present in the diffuser then finally goes on to the surface for use. While using a submersible pump, ensure that the pump is completely submerged into the water. If not, the pump starts to overheat, and there could be chances of component damage.

Final thoughts

As the need for water is everlasting, these pumps are an essential addition. They cover less distance and can be used in multiple areas of pumping. The list of top 10 submersible pumps in India has been curated by keeping in mind the cost, features, and efficiency of the pump. You can choose the pump which meets all your requirements like area of application, budget, pump size, etc.

Waa Motors & Pumps is the No.1 manufacturer of high-speed solar water pumps in India and a division of the Waaree group. Waa Motors & Pumps not only offers manufactured submersible water pumps but caters to every requirement revolving around it. Call us to know more!

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