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Founder's Message

"Everyone deserves the access to basic natural resources, and we strive to make sure it reaches to all",
- Ankit Doshi. 

"At core we induce a green current, and are confident to bring the blue revolution in greener ways",
- Pujan Doshi

"We are a young team, who is highly motivated to bring a positive change with collective efforts",
- Rushabh Doshi

Life at Waa Motors

life at waa motors

At Waa motors, we believe in imbuing an entrepreneurial mindset in our employees. As some has rightly said, 'Everyone should try entrepreneurship once, if got succeeded than good, if not then chances are higher to become a great employee'. 

Our organization is structured in a 2-step process, analyzing problems and leading it to a solution and then working tirelessly to spread that solution to the people-in-need.

YOUR potential to take challenges is what makes you a great IMPACTER with us. 


Work Culture

work culture

WE > I | Us > Him/Her

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