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About Us

Waaree Group is one of India’s fastest growing conglomerate with presence in Solar, Instrumentation and Energy storage. Waaree group was started in 1989, and is present in over 68 countries, and 2500+ employees.

Waa Pumps strives to provide cutting edge pump technology, subjected to varied applications and it is a division of world renowned Waaree Group. We have a vision to make an impact on a million lives through our products, as still there are around 3.2 B people under the radar of water scarcity. 

Our belief lies in 'Customer First', and are dedicated to deliver the best of our product and service capabilities. 

Our Inspiration

water problems in rural areas

Our heart stumbles when we see small children dying out due to dearth of drinking water. Women are still walking miles to fulfil their daily water needs. 

Unsafe water is the reason behind 1.2M deaths worldwide each year, and 2.1B people globally have still no access to safe drinking water. 

Amidst this crisis, we think that it is our collective responsibility to introduce the underprivileged to basic human resources.

Taking an inspiration from the PROBLEMS worldwide, we are dedicated to PUMP our bit, creating a significant IMPACT. 


Our Founders

ankit doshi
pujan doshi
rushabh doshi

Ankit Doshi


 A business strategist and a marketing enthusiast, striving to promote sustainability.

Pujan Doshi


An Engineer at heart, who believes in solving complex problems through technology

Rushabh Doshi


A technology enthusiast, expert in automation through technology. 

Our Values

Customer First.png
Continuous Improvements.png

Customer First

for Individuals



for Excellence


Continuous Improvements
& Innovation

Join Us To Make


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