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Different Types of Water Pumps Available in the Market

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

Types of Water Pumps

Many urban and rural homes in India use water pumps. Water pumps are a vital tool primarily used to provide a continuous water supply for residential, industrial, and agricultural purposes. There is a wide variety of water pump types available in the market. In this article, let us see about the types of water pumps used for domestic as well as agricultural needs.

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Features to check in a water pump

Before buying a water pump, you should know what you should check while searching for it. These features should suit your purpose of buying a water pump. There are two main features you must look for in a water pump:

  • Vertical Suction

The vertical distance from the water source to the pump is known as the vertical suction in a water pump. This distance will determine how much power the water pump will need while transporting water from the water source.

  • Vertical Delivery Head

The vertical delivery head is the vertical distance between the delivery tank and the pump. Before finalizing the pump, you should match this height with the pump delivery head so that the pump suits your needs.

Now that you know the two parameters to check for in the water pump, you can advance towards the different types of water pumps that you can find in the market.

Water pump types

The broad classification of water pumps has two categories, types of water pumps for homes and types of water pumps for agriculture. Different water pumps are available in these two types to meet all demands of various houses and agricultural fields. You can browse through each and pick the best one to serve your purpose. Choose the water pump according to your budget and daily usage of water.

Types of water pumps for homes (Domestic pumps)

Domestic pumps are used in homes to serve water demands for daily activities like bathing, cleaning, watering plants, etc. These pumps have less power and flow rate as compared to the water pumps used for agricultural purposes. The six most common types of domestic water pumps are:

  • Self-Prime Regenerative Pumps

Self priming pumps are the best to handle cold freshwater that is free from small particles and chemical constituents. You can use this pump for your daily water needs and in gardens. They do not need a foot valve to suck water as they have a self-priming capability to remove air and suck water from the pipes.

Self-prime regenerative pumps have vanes on both sides of the rim, which rotate in the pump's casing. Water in the pump recirculates to the bottom of the impeller from the tip. The pump reprimes itself in this way. These pumps have lower maintenance costs.

  • Centrifugal Pumps

Just like the self-prime regenerative pumps, these pumps are suitable for your daily water demands. They also help in small farms, lawn sprinklers, draining wells, filling water in pools, etc. But they have a higher discharge and excellent hydraulic performance.

Centrifugal pumps convert rotational kinetic energy to hydrodynamic water flow energy. Jet centrifugal pump, a pump of this type, uses sucked water to create a jet to enhance the drawing capacity.

  • Submersible Pumps

A submersible pump has a sealed motor submerged in water bodies like open and bore wells. They do not need any priming, so they are a wiser choice. They have two types, open well submersible pumps (for open well uses) and tube well submersible pumps (for bore well uses). Submersible pumps can handle clear and cold freshwater with no particles and chemical substances. If you have a bore well of 3"-4", you can use tube well submersible pumps.

  • Borewell Compressor Pumps

Compressor pumps have a design to draw water from deep bore wells having muddy water. These pumps use air pressure to draw water. You can use these pumps for wells with a depth of up to 600 feet. The discharge depends on the borewell yield. The two types of compressor pumps are Monoblock and belt-driven types.

  • Pressure Booster Pumps

If you want a quality appliance providing a smooth and pressurized water supply at your home, go for pressure booster pumps. Pressure booster pumps have in-built pressure tanks to keep the water pressure constants in all openings. The pump draws and stops the water supply as per the set water pressure, so you do not have to adjust the water supply or water pressure.

  • Shallow Well Pumps

As the name suggests, shallow-well pumps are the best for shallow wells as they have the best suction and are the best for rural areas. Their suction head can go up to 8 meters, whereas self-prime pumps have suction heads of up to 6 meters.

Types of water pumps for fields (Agricultural pumps)

Agricultural pumps work in crop fields to ensure the crops get enough water to grow into healthy crops. There are mainly two types of water pumps used in agricultural fields:

  • Centrifugal Monoblock Pumps

Monoblock pumps, a popular type of water pump, convert rotational kinetic energy to hydrodynamic water flow energy. They tend to have a higher flow rate and are more efficient.

  • Submersible Pumps

Submersible pumps do not need priming and are a better option. There are options for 4", 6", and 8" bore wells. Submersible pumps have a power of 60HP with a maximum depth allowed of 1,640 feet and a flow rate of up to 38LPS.

Water pumps are a necessity in our daily lives due to the scarcity of water in many areas of the country. However, if we use methods like rainwater harvesting to preserve water, we can satisfy our water demands without putting much strain on non-renewable resources like underground water.

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