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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Submersible Pumps

Updated: Apr 26

Advantages and Disadvantages of Submersible Pumps

Submersible pumps, just as its name signifies, are generally designed to be submerged underwater. Many industries and even homeowners use these pumps for irrigation, plants, oil production, wet wells, etc. However, there are various advantages and disadvantages of submersible pumps, too.

Further, these pumps can run on both electricity and solar power, which makes them popular. So, check out the pros and cons of submersible pumps and decide if you want to give it a try.

Let’s start with electric submersible pumps first.

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What are the benefits of using an electric submersible pump?

Here are the pros and cons of submersible pumps that are electric-based.

  • Safer than other types of surface pumps

Submersible pumps are stored underwater. Their robust design is efficient in keeping the gaskets and seals watertight. Therefore, there is no risk of liquid or internal components leaking out. Further, the structure of the submersible pumps ensures that the pump doesn’t short out electricity when submerged, making it safe to use.

  • Wide range of application

Submersible borehole pumps are a boon for farmers today. They are highly efficient in providing water to an irrigation system. Besides, Submersible pumps are used in offshore oil wells too. They pump oil from the underground to holding facilities above ground, helping the oil industries. Further, these pumps are great for pumping out septic tanks in homes as well.

  • It produces low or almost no noise

Surface pumps often cause a considerable amount of noise. However, being underwater, the sound of Submersible pumps softens, creating low noise, barely audible.

  • Electric submersible pumps are very efficient

As compared to surface pumps, electric submersible pumps are user-friendly. They have fewer functions than other surface pumps. These pumps can detect the water level and have NRV fitted in the discharge outlet to avoid backflow.

  • Submersible pumps are Self-Priming

Priming a centrifugal pump requires both time and money. Other water pumps without priming too start to malfunction, causing financial loss. However, submersible pumps need no priming, which saves unnecessary time-waste, cost, & hassle.

  • You can use submersible pumps with pressure pumps too!

A pressure pump needs an ample amount of water supply to function and a submersible pump can provide water for a pressure cleaner.

  • Corrosion resist

Engineers use corrosion-resistant materials such as stainless steel to make Submersible pumps. Now, this makes them durable and long-lasting.

  • Electric submersible pumps are easy to run & are space-saving

Yes! One can effortlessly run a submersible pump with access to an electrical outlet. It takes a small amount of space and is lightweight too.

  • Submersible pumps are hassle-free to install

The installation of a submersible pump usually takes 1 or 2 days. Besides, it can run for 15 years smoothly without trouble, which is an added advantage.

However, for the long-term benefit, it is crucial to call a professional for installation. The experts can inspect all the factors like water level, depth, machine parts, etc., thoroughly for perfect installation.

Disadvantages of electric submersible pumps

No solar or electric-powered product is 100% flawless. Therefore, in the advantages and disadvantages of submersible pumps, there are a few shortcomings too.

  • The seals can wear away over time

Often after a few years of use, the seals of the submersible pump can get corroded. When it happens, water seeps into the motor & damages it. Repairing is also difficult for these types of pumps.

  • Must submerge submersible pumps totally before use

If the submersible pump is not submerged fully, it can overheat as the water cools down the motor while working.

  • Routine inspections and maintenance of submersible pumps are challenging

Submersible pumps are submerged deep inside the water. Professionals generally install them in locations that are often difficult to reach. Therefore, it becomes hard to inspect and maintain it properly.

So, now that we have covered all about electric submersible pumps, it is time to find out the pros and cons of submersible pumps run by solar power.

How are solar submersible pumps worth it?

Here are a few excellent reasons why solar submersible pumps are great to use.

  • Solar submersible pumps do not require Grid electricity

Solar submersible pumps do not need any power grid, fuel, or batteries to run. Therefore, these pumps are best for remote areas where finding an electric source is impossible.

  • Eco-Friendly and Easy Installation

Solar submersible pumps need only sunlight to work. Therefore, they are very environment friendly. Besides, these pumps produce less noise and do not emit harmful substances that can harm the environment.

  • Dependable and durable

The solar submersible pumps are long-lasting too. Once you install these pumps, they reduce the dependency on electricity or fuel, helping you save a lot of money. Specifically for rural regions, these solar submersible pumps are a blessing to fulfill agricultural needs as electric supply is often erratic.

  • It is easy to maintain and has no fuel cost

Solar submersible pumps require less maintenance compared to electric or other surface pumps. While using solar submersible pumps, you won’t run out of fuel as it only needs sunlight.

Are there any drawbacks of using solar submersible pumps?

Even a solar submersible pump has some flaws too. Fortunately, there are not many disadvantages.

  • They can only function with ample solar radiation

The effectiveness of submersible pumps run by solar power decreases on rainy days & heavy snow without sunlight.

  • Chances of theft are always there

In remote locations, the risk of theft of solar panels is high as many people see it as a valuable commodity.

Lastly, once you read & weigh all the advantages and disadvantages of submersible pumps, you cannot neglect the benefits of these pumps. They are convenient, reliable, and versatile machines that one can use for different purposes. Therefore, no matter which pumping solution suits you, electric or solar, go for it without hesitation.

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Francky Kalombo
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