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Openwell Submersible Pumps - Buying Guide

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

Openwell Submersible Pumps

In order to serve the water demand of large buildings, it is necessary to build multiple water tanks for installation. In this case, add a suitable reservoir or water tank at the bottom of the building. This tank requires an open-well submersible pump. This type of water pump is a completely submerged and sealed pump.

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What are openwell submersible pumps?

Water scarcity is one of the most common problems in India due to scattered rainfall and the uneven presence of freshwater sources like rivers, lagoons, wells, etc. Therefore, our dependence on groundwater has increased in the past few decades. Nowadays, groundwater has become more crucial, and its purpose for use is in households, industry, and agriculture. We use various tools to extract water from the ground, including Openwell submersible pumps.

Application of open submersible pumps

  • Agricultural irrigation (flood, sprinkle, and drip irrigation)

  • Industrial irrigation

  • Drinking water supply

  • Industrial water supply(slurry pumping)

  • Domestic and community water supply from a common reservoir

  • Underground storage tanks/reservoirs, sprinklers and fountains, bungalows, and apartments, Gardening

  • Hospitals, swimming pools, commercial malls, and hotels

  • Cooling water circulating systems

  • Oil wells

  • Other applications of submersible pumps include sewage treatment plants, seawater management, firefighting (because it is a fire-resistant cable), water and deep well water drilling, offshore drilling rigs, artificial lifts, mine drainage.

How does openwell submersible pumps work?

The submersible pump consists of an AC motor, impeller, diffuser, submersible electric cable, and cable guard. The open well pump is installed at the bottom of an underground tank or reservoir and connected to the power grid for operation. The required water level reaches the required point by converting the rotational energy of the impeller into the kinetic energy of water. The water is sucked into the pump and then lifted through the diffuser by the rotation of the impeller.

What kind of open well submersible pump do I need?

A key factor in deciding which type of Open Well Submersible Pump you need is to first decide whether the pump will be used for domestic, agricultural, or industrial purposes.

  1. For Domestic use - If you are looking for an Open Well Submersible Pump for the house, you may need to pump sewage or help your home with general drainage as in the basement or cellar.

  2. For Agricultural use - If you work in the agriculture domain, your Open Well Submersible Pump is likely to be used for irrigation. Another application is pumping mud or slurry.

  3. For Industry use - If you use an Open Well Submersible Pump in an industrial environment, you must remove chemicals, gasoline, sewage sludge, or other sludge-like substances.

Features to keep in mind before buying an open submersible pump

  • Tank size - The person has to search for a pump that fulfills the water movement requirement. A preferred thumb rule is that the pump should have the ability to discharge 50% of tank quantity in keeping with the hour.

  • Head - It is the height to which the pump can lift the water. According to the size of the house or farm and the surrounding groundwater level, the customer must choose the best pump. The total head is the distance between the depth of the ground where the pump has put the height of the storage tank, usually measured in feet or meters.

  • Outlet/Inlet size -The diameter of the pipe through which the water passes through the pump unit. It must correspond to the size of the pipe connected to the storage tank. They are generally measured in inches and millimeters.

Pump quality and construction materials-materials will not affect the performance or application of the pump, but if you are looking for a longer life pump, choose a pump with a Noryl impeller and CI motor housing. The first thing to keep in mind is the brand of the pump.

Advantages of Openwell submersible pump
  • Self-priming: Since these pumps are submersible in water, there is no need to self-prim, which also avoids the formation of air bubbles in the pump unit, which can damage the pump lining.

  • Improve efficiency: As these pumps are submersible in the water source, it does not require lots of energy to extract water from the water source. Water pressure can move the water in the pump.

  • Operation - Most of these submersible motor units operate very quietly because they are underwater and air pockets or pressure fluctuations in the pump are not a problem for this unit.

  • Installation location - Because the pump is underground, it is more suitable for gardening and landscaping.

  • Installation is easy - No need for a new foundation for installation.

  • Effective cooling - Since the pump is the swamp in water, it also helps to cool the motor. This type of pump does not require a foot valve.

Depending on the motor power, these pumps are available in single-phase and three-phase. Ensure proper care and maintenance when installing the pump in the tank. Because if it is not immersed correctly in water, it may overheat the motor windings and shorten the product life. In addition, the open-well pump must be installed at the bottom of the tank so that the pump is not affected by vibration and works better.

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