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Are Solar Water Pumps Worth the Investment?

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

Are Solar Water Pumps Worth the Investment

Have you ever wondered about investing in a solar-powered pump? Do you live in an isolated location and need to pump water from hundreds of feet below the surface? If your answer is affirmative, investing in solar water pumps is a viable idea. Solar water pumps are changing the face of the agricultural industry.

Nowadays, solar water pumps have extensive applications in residential and commercial setups. Furthermore, they are an ideal option for irrigating agricultural lands. By using solar panels, the pump can eliminate energy costs. In other words, you don’t have to incur excessive power bills because of solar water pumps. Let’s find out whether or not solar pumps are worth the investment.

Potential Application of Solar Water Pumps

The water demand is always high in hot and humid weather conditions. Private households and commercial and residential areas require a consistent flow of water to sustain essential functions. And with rising power bills, installing an electric-powered pump is not always feasible.

The ideal solution here is to install a solar water pump, which will assist you in saving on energy bills. Usually, solar-powered pumps are versatile and can be used for various applications. Here are some potential applications of solar pumps you should know about.

  • Drinking water supply.

  • Livestock maintenance.

  • Commercial water supply.

  • Irrigation.

  • Solar water pumps are sustainable and allow you to lower your carbon footprint.

Top 10 Reasons to Buy Solar Water Pump

Here are the top ten reasons why you should install a solar water pump.

1. No Need for External Power

If you live in an area with a limited power supply, investing in a solar pump is a good idea. The sun and the solar panels provide all the power you need to operate the pump.

2. Solar Pumps are More Powerful and Efficient

Apart from their sustainability, solar pumps are more powerful and efficient. You can even buy the top-end models that are more potent than the ones powered by electricity. A majority of good-quality solar pumps are available in a steel housing, which safeguards the internal components from corrosion.

3. Readily Available

Nowadays, solar pumps are readily available. The waiting period is usually shorter, and you can install these pumps with the help of professional technicians.

4. Low Maintenance

After the upfront investment, the maintenance costs associated with solar pumps are negligible. As stated earlier, they come in a steel housing that safeguards the intricate components. Normal pumps are a bit more expensive to maintain compared to solar pumps.

5. Hassle-Free Wiring

Installing a solar pump is easier than electric pumps. You can easily execute all the wiring tasks associated with installing a solar pump.

6. The Entire System Can be Shipped to Your Home

You can buy complete solar kits, which can be shipped straight to your home. Nowadays, manufacturers are relying on advanced packaging systems to ship the complete system to your home. Hence, it is easier to buy a solar pump than an electric pump.

7. Greater Savings

Apart from lowering your overall carbon footprint, solar pumps can result in greater savings. You don’t have to pay bills while operating solar pumps. In some areas, you can send the total power saved to the main grid.

8. Easy to Upgrade

Solar water pumps provide you with an easy option to upgrade them. Moreover, they are modular and can be swapped easily. And if you need higher performance, you can increase the power of the solar pumps by adding extra cells.

9. Self-Installation is Easier With Solar Pumps

Self-installation is gaining traction among residential and commercial establishment owners. By investing in a solar pump, you can save a substantial amount of money with self-installation.

10. Easy to Transport and Relocate

Solar water pumps can be easily transported and relocated based on the requirements of your farm. Furthermore, they have extremely low operating costs.

Home and Domestic Use

Households are always on the lookout for cost-effective options that can lower their energy bills. Solar pumps execute various functions, which range from extracting water to farming. With a solar water pump, homes can eliminate their dependency on external power sources.

Agricultural Use

Solar water pumps are a boon for the agricultural sector. In areas where there is a scant water supply, farmers tend to rely heavily on the monsoon. But by investing in solar pumps, you can increase your crop yield. Solar pumps ensure a reliable and perennial supply of water to agricultural fields.

Is a Solar Water Pump Worth the Use?

A solar pump is worth the investment because of the following reasons:

  • Increased Savings

You can save more by investing in a solar water pump.

  • Warranty

Solar pumps come with standard warranty terms, which make them a worthwhile investment.

  • Sustainable Power

Solar pumps are a sustainable option for your water requirements.

Installation Expenses

The installation expenses of solar pumps vary from one region to the next. If you already have solar panels installed in your establishment, the installation cost wouldn’t be much higher. The cost of solar pumps also depends on the manufacturer. If you are installing solar pumps for the first time, ensure that you opt for professional intervention.

Maintenance and Replacement

Maintenance and replacement factors associated with solar pumps are comparably simpler than electric pumps. Nowadays, solar pumps are available in modular structures, which ensure hassle-free maintenance and replacement. Most brands will send their technicians in the case of repairs and maintenance.

Operating Cost

One of the key highlights of a solar pump is its minimal operating expenses. You have to pay upfront when buying solar pumps. But note that it is essential to clean the solar panels from time to time to make sure that the pump operates efficiently.

Are You Ready to Invest?

As you can see, investing in a solar pump is a practical option nowadays. With rising energy bills, it is imperative to look for alternative energy forms. If you are ready to make the upfront investment, buying solar pumps is a worthwhile idea. Get started with your purchase today by visiting the Waaree website!

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